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Amadora Morelli is young, attractive, and tough. Even tough enough to prove to the crime syndicate she was born into – and especially to her overprotective father – that she can handle the bloody day to day details of working in the lower-level trenches of the family business, unbeknownst to them.

Or so she thought. The last thing she expected to sabotage her covert scheme was falling in love. Especially with a potential enemy.

She isn’t even supposed to be here. Her father Don Basilio Morelli, one of the tristate area’s most notorious crime bosses, absolutely forbade his precious Amadora any involvement the family’s hereditary way of life despite her insistence to the contrary. But he, like everyone else, underestimated Amadora’s inborn stubbornness, and now she has infiltrated her brother’s circuit disguised as Johnnie Barbone.

That’s when she meets Darian Mancini, a man bent on revenge who suspects the Morelli family of being the deserving recipient of his vengeance. But he, too, runs into an unexpected problem when, during the course of his investigation, he meets and falls for the beautiful Amadora.

As the unanticipated circumstances come to a head, Amadora finds she must discover where everyone’s loyalties truly lie, including her own. Will she stop at nothing to carry out the duties which fall upon her alter ego and finally prove her worth to her father? Or will Johnnie Barbone’s identity remain a secret? Is Darian’s lust for vengeance his deepest allegiance? Or will love have the final say?

Eyes is a suspenseful crime drama full of desire, betrayal … and maybe, love.

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Publisher: Lilyan Margaret Publishing
Imprint: Rose

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