The Pacemaker

Book Cover: The Pacemaker
Part of the The Pacemaker Series series:
  • The Pacemaker

An amnesiac nobody wins a full-paid scholarship to a prestigious university filled with famous elite geniuses, dark secrets and deadly curses. What else could she ask for?

A supernatural tale of love, secrets, deception and betrayal

Minerva Walsh forgot everything about her life before her eighteenth birthday. Since then, betrayal, hardship and strife plagued her life over the last five years, and good fortune was never on her side. However, when Minerva receives a full-paid scholarship to the most prestigious school in the country, Calendula University, and is given a chance to restart her miserable life, she feels her luck has changed.

But after arriving, the dark shadows and deadly secrets looming underneath the serene façade of this academic paradise shows Minerva that her new life is far from the peaceful escape she thought it would be. She learns about the curse haunting the university and claiming innocents’ lives in unusual accidents. Minerva also gains a strange power which lets her control the heartbeats of time and space and enter a world outside of reality. To solve the mystery behind Calendula’s curse, Minerva must use her new powers to investigate the secrets surrounding this elite school before the curse claims the lives of those close to her. But as she draws near the truth, pieces of her missing past come to light. Can Minerva unravel the mystery behind her forgotten memories and the school’s curse? Or will she become its next victim?


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