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Eyes Official Release Date!

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Dare to be Extraordinary! New Journal Available Now!

Start your journaling adventure with Lilyan Margaret’s ‘Dare to be – Roses’ Writing Journal!

Dare to be Extraordinary!

Our delightfully unique journal is designed to inspire and boost productivity. It is great to write down all your ideas, thoughts, and to-do-list or simply to use as a diary. It says quotes on the front and back covers for inspirations, goals, and values. It will challenge you to live a happy, bold, and extraordinary life. It makes the best gift idea to someone who is about to go to college, do anything impactful, or anything in general. Stay inspired and live an extraordinary life with this stylish journal!

Lined for Clean Writing & Taking Notes

The lined blank page composition is ideal for making notes, lists, writing diaries, and taking notes in the classroom. These are perhaps best suited to those with diminutive handwriting. Unlike most journals, the dates are not prefilled, so no page is wasted.

Ideal to Keep it with You Wherever You Go

This super cute and motivational journal measures 6″x9″ and is fairly lightweight which is welcome for those frequently on the move. The size is perfect to keep in a suitcase, handbag, schoolbag, and even for hand-carry. The notebook makes it easy to record thoughts or take notes wherever you go.

The writing notebook is slim and elegant yet durable enough to stand the test of time. The good quality paper allows ink to flow easily, neither too shiny nor too mealy. The heavy-duty thread binding and durable cover ensures your notes are always safe. The paper will prevent most inks from bleeding through and muddying up your words.

✅ 6″x9″ writing journal with 100 pages

✅ A boost to create your journaling habit

✅ Smooth pages to write on with any pen

✅ Thread binding to hold the pages firmly

Inspiring notebook to keep your morale up while sailing through life!

Click the picture below to get your copy today!

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Share Your Favorite Quotes and Characters: Imania’s Gifts and Lilyan’s Gifts

Here at Lilyan Margaret Publishing we always find new innovated ways to connect our readers with our authors and the worlds they create. Starting today, we’re launching two new stores to showcase new merchandise based off our brands, our authors’ books and our authors’ quotes.

Imania’s Gifts showcase goods with exclusive designs based off of Imania Margria’s brand, fan fiction stories and more. Lilyan’s Gifts is an outlet for all merchandise for Lilyan Margaret Publishing’s current and upcoming books and stories.

For a limited time, you can get a 10% discount at Imania’s Gifts when you use the promo code: SUMMER2021 . If you want to save more, you can get special discounts for Imania’s Gifts and Lilyan’s Gifts when you join Imania’s patreon and donate and follow our ko-fi page. (Discounts are only available to monthly subscribers on ko-fi and patreon.)

We appreciate all of your support and hope you will continue to enjoy our new projects.

– Rosie M. , Executive Assistant at Lilyan Margaret Publishing

Executive Announcements

Some Current Updates

We’re still in the middle of updating the site, but there are some fun changes you can access now.

There are new book pages for each of our current books and upcoming releases. Just click on the book’s name or picture and you can access their page.

No matter where you are, now you can read this website in your native language via the Google translate option in the footers of every page. Just select your preferred language and you can access the site in that language.

Still updating: Even though you can create a member’s page, we’re still updating the members’ feature. We’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

Thank you for visiting us.

– Rosie M., Executive Assistant and Head Designer & The Lilyan Margaret Publishing Team

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Coming Soon

Dear Readers,

We want to thank everyone for your support and worry. As so many have during this difficult year, the Lilyan Margaret Publishing team has dealt with some ups and downs when it comes to launching the company and putting out new releases. Covid 19 affected each and every one of us differently, and we needed some time to regroup. Also, our head author and owner, Imania Margria, is still recovering from an injury she received later this year. But even with these few setbacks, we feel better than ever to deliver on our promises regarding the new releases we planned for this year and the next.

We’re working very hard to meet our deadlines for 2021 along with adding the titles that were meant to be released this year to next year’s schedule. We hope you continue to support us and our authors as we continue to grow and release more content for you to enjoy in the coming years.

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming blooms. We hope you all have a lovely and safe holiday season.

Best Wishes,

Rosie M, Executive Assistant/Social Media Supervisor, and the Lilyan Margaret Publishing Team