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Eyes Barnes & Noble Preorder!

Link Here: Eyes Barnes & Noble Preorder

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Eyes Kindle Preorder

Preorder your copy of Eyes by Imania Margria: HERE

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Eyes Official Release Date!

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Jonas Salk

Celebrate the joy of spring and all of the precious life it brings with our “Dream Create Repeat” spring line. Express your passions in your very own journal or relax under the blossoms sipping some tea from one of our cute mugs.

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Dare to be Extraordinary! New Journal Available Now!

Start your journaling adventure with Lilyan Margaret’s ‘Dare to be – Roses’ Writing Journal!

Dare to be Extraordinary!

Our delightfully unique journal is designed to inspire and boost productivity. It is great to write down all your ideas, thoughts, and to-do-list or simply to use as a diary. It says quotes on the front and back covers for inspirations, goals, and values. It will challenge you to live a happy, bold, and extraordinary life. It makes the best gift idea to someone who is about to go to college, do anything impactful, or anything in general. Stay inspired and live an extraordinary life with this stylish journal!

Lined for Clean Writing & Taking Notes

The lined blank page composition is ideal for making notes, lists, writing diaries, and taking notes in the classroom. These are perhaps best suited to those with diminutive handwriting. Unlike most journals, the dates are not prefilled, so no page is wasted.

Ideal to Keep it with You Wherever You Go

This super cute and motivational journal measures 6″x9″ and is fairly lightweight which is welcome for those frequently on the move. The size is perfect to keep in a suitcase, handbag, schoolbag, and even for hand-carry. The notebook makes it easy to record thoughts or take notes wherever you go.

The writing notebook is slim and elegant yet durable enough to stand the test of time. The good quality paper allows ink to flow easily, neither too shiny nor too mealy. The heavy-duty thread binding and durable cover ensures your notes are always safe. The paper will prevent most inks from bleeding through and muddying up your words.

✅ 6″x9″ writing journal with 100 pages

✅ A boost to create your journaling habit

✅ Smooth pages to write on with any pen

✅ Thread binding to hold the pages firmly

Inspiring notebook to keep your morale up while sailing through life!

Click the picture below to get your copy today!

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The Pacemaker Series Reddit

Hey Everyone,

I started a reddit a while ago to appease the gamer and anime lover buried deep inside me. But I noticed it actually can be a perfect place to communicate with my readers. Since I received so many messages, reviews and emails asking about crucial points in The Pacemaker – Book Series , I decided it’s best if I had a safe place where I can answer all the questions and not worry about spoilers ruining it for potential readers. So, join the official reddit for The Pacemaker Series today and ask me questions about the book. I will answer any relevant questions. I will also start answering some of the questions I’ve received from readers so far. Just make sure you use the spoiler filter, so you don’t ruin it for any readers who haven’t finished or started reading it.


Imania Margria

The Pacemaker Series Reddit

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Covid-19 & Launch/Book Delays

Dear Readers,

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Lilyan Margaret Publishing will delay our spring book releases and company launch. All public events surrounding our launch and spring releases have been canceled. Because the safety and well-being of our staff is our utmost concern, we won’t do any public events in the foreseeable future. However, we will do virtual events and launches.

All book releases scheduled later this year should be available on time. But depending on the circumstances of this pandemic, that could change. At the moment, we don’t have a precise release date for our delayed projects, but we hope to have them out at the end of May – early June.


Lilyan Margaret Publishing Team

P.S. – We hope you all stay safe and healthy during this time.